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Virtual credit card for Verification worldwide

SKU 00004
In stock
Product Details

1-Card is ANONYMOUS which means, it can be used under any name and address.

2-The card is for PayPal / ebay / Amazon / Google and other services...
3-Use the card within 15min of the card delivery. If you do not use the card for 15min, the card may be damaged and there is not enough balance to use because the fee from the issuing bank

4-The card is only used once and cannot be recharged .

5-Notify me as soon as you can get the code, do not try to get the code many times it will damage the card.
6-After adding the card and getting the code, you cannot remove the card and add it to another paypal account. Both accounts and cards can be locked .
7-Don’t try to make a transaction that exceeds the card balance, this also causes damage to the card .

8-After successful confirmation, the card balance will be zero.
9-Each card is only used for one service, using the card for multiple services will cause the card to be destroyed by the automated system.
You will get the following VCC details :
· Type : Master Card
· 16 digit card number – Card validity
· Expiration date (mm / yyyy)
· Security code 3-digit code number CVV
· Balance on the card $2 ( Enough to verify Paypal )
DIRECTION about how to add the card in your PayPal :
· Go to your PayPal account
· Click on Link a bank or card
· Again Click on Link card
. Add the card
. click on confirm card
. Send me a message
. I will send you the confirmation code instantly

It is no Physical delivery. We will send the Card Details within through your email. Please use this card the moment we send your card details. Do not wait for 15 minutes because the card may be damaged and there may not be sufficient balance due to the fee to be charged from the issuing bank.

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